Live Drawing

  • Capture the essence of an event
  • Live Drawing creates an extra layer of information and meaning
  • It is entertaining and gets people more involved
  • Event participants like to take pictures of the drawing

Live Drawing—visually representing ideas while people talk—is a distinct social art form that facilitates group learning and cultural memory. The artist listens and draws simultaneously, creating large pictures that integrate content, prompt insight, and aid with decision-making.
  1. Before
    30 minute intake
  2. During the event
    The artist will listen and draw simultaneously, creating a large picture (digital or on paper)
  3. After the event
    You will receive a high resolution digital version of the artwork
  • Prices include preparation, traveling, used materials and a high resolution digital visual that will be send after the event.
  • Required facilities for Digital Live Drawing: Beamer or smartboard with HDM, electricity.
  • Required facilities for Live Drawing on paper: A hard, smooth vertical surface at least 150 cm wide and 100 cm high


  • 2 hours € 750
  • 4 hours € 1200
  • All day € 2100