Systemic analysis of the flexhour concept

A few years ago, the flex-hours system was introduced at Segbroek College in The Hague: students can choose which subject they want to follow for five lesson hours per week. The flex-hours can also be used for self-study.

Investigate the effect of the flex-hours system

Systemically mapping the school and making the effect of the flex-hours system visible

Stakeholder mapping, interviews, intervention points. First, we determined how to measure success. ‘Sense of ownership over one’s own learning’ became the benchmark. We defined what this means.

  • The school management became aware of the system;
  • The punishment-based system changed to a system focused on rewards and independence;
  • Improved communication towards students;
  • Made it easier for students to book their own lessons;
  • No more mixing of students from different years and levels in the same flex-hour.