Systems Thinking

Get to know the dynamics of a system and the interconnectedness between the parts within the system.

Systems Thinking gives insight into:

  • How the parts of a system are dependent of and influence each other ;
  • Feedback loops;
  • The dynamics of a system;
  • The potential intervention points of the systems and how.


Clarify ideas, situations and processes in one visual. Infographics have the potential to contain lots of information, and show how all the different parts are connected to each other.

Infographics can represent existing situations as well as future concepts.

Benefits of infographics:

  • All information on just one page;
  • Combining different layers of information;
  • Quick understanding;
  • Shared understanding;
  • More easy to remember than text;
  • Co-creating an infographic motivates those involved to make choices.

Live Drawing

Live Drawing / Scribing

Create more involvement to your event with Live Drawing! A Live Drawing captures everything that happens and brings it together into one visual. Not only the info from presentations, but als what comes out of discussions and workshops..

Benefits of Live Drawing:

  • Combining all info in one visual;
  • Show how all topics are related;
  • Creates involvement;
  • Visitors love to make pictures of Live Drawings;
  • Unique visuals to use on social media after the event is over.

3D Mapping / Serious Play

Thinking with your hands

Use 3D mapping to incorporate multiple dimensions and perspectives in understanding an idea, initiative, or system. The strength of this method lies in working with your hands, rather than just with your mind.

Benefits of 3D mapping:

  • Invites new perspectives;
  • Creates a shared understanding of the topic;
  • Clarifies how different parts of the topic relate to each other;
  • Is better remembered than verbal discussion alone.

Drawing your strategy

Utilize the collective intelligence within the room

A team or group session where visual thinking is used to generate insights and ideas.

Visual Brainstorming is beneficial for:

  • Designing a strategy;
  • Generating new ideas or products;
  • Developing future scenarios;
  • Brainstorming out-of-the-box solutions.